Writing For Youth (2013-10-01)

Updated (2013-10-01): For school age readers, I have added the Accelerated Reader level information about each of my books at the bottom of this page.

Even though HEIRS OF PROPHECY includes a lot of action and adventure, I did write this to be a somewhat unusual epic fantasy.

What makes it so unusual you ask?

It has all of the elements of the standard epic tale, but ensures a more wholesome and appreciable family dynamic that is often-times lost in today’s fiction.

Let’s be frank – the rule of thumb for most fiction today is that your young protagonist(s) must have a hectic home life. Assume they are either an orphan, have family issues of all varieties, or are otherwise stressed by their day-to-day situation.

The Prophecies series was written in opposition to such norms, and headline protagonists which are likable, fallible, but otherwise should be very relatable. Everyone knows a brother who is a pain in the butt who you would protect with your own life, or an over-protective mother, etc. I aim to prove that the action and strife need not come from the family, but through the situations and adventures they are put through.

I truly hope you all enjoy the saga that will be –

The Prophecies Series:

  • Book 1 – Heirs of Prophecies (released April 3rd, 2012)
  • Book 2 – Tools of Prophecies (released August 1st, 2012)
  • Book 3 – Lords of Prophecies (released March 3rd, 2013)
  • Book 0 – Princess Interrupted (A prequel released October 1st, 2013)

Mike Rothman

Heirs of Prophecy (Book #1):
ATOS Book Level:   5.6
AR Points:                 15

Tools of Prophecy (Book #2):
ATOS Book Level:   6.0
AR Points:                 14

Lords of Prophecy (Book #3):
ATOS Book Level:   6.4
AR Points:                 17

Princess Interrupted (Prequel):
ATOS Book Level:   6.2
AR Points:                 14

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