A FREE giveaway of first novel!

Keep looking at the blog tour post.  Here.

This week will continue the blog tour of the first two books in the Prophecies series and I will update the review pages with the resulting reviews.
[Reviews for Heirs of Prophecy]
[Reviews for Tools of Prophecy]

Also check this link to grab a FREE copy of Heirs of Prophecy for your Kindle until this Friday (Sept. 28th) only. Grab it before the price goes back to normal!

About Michael A. Rothman

Engineer, Author, Father of 2 rugrats, Husband of Teacher, Magic is real. ;-)
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3 Responses to A FREE giveaway of first novel!

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  2. A Rust says:

    Wonderful book Keep up the good work 5 stars

  3. Thanks….Anyone who read it, I’d love it if you post your thoughts on the Amazon rating for the book (any of my books you read).

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