Tools of Prophecy – Live on Amazon

Looks like it just went live. I test drove the download, and the document looks good. Odd though I notice it says a published date of June 1st – huh? Bug? Or transient weird thing that gets auto-fixed? I guess I won’t bug anyone at Amazon until the record finishes building itself. It seems these things have a life of their own. ;-)

I hope you all enjoy.

And yes, I’ll let you know when Barnes & Noble have it live too, still waiting to see it show up (maybe in the morning.)

Once everything settles, I’ll update links across the board.


About Michael A. Rothman

Engineer, Author, Father of 2 rugrats, Husband of Teacher, Magic is real. ;-)
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One Response to Tools of Prophecy – Live on Amazon

  1. What’s odd is that Tools of Prophecy’s print copy is identical to Heirs of Prophecy (368 pages long), yet Amazon shows it with a guesstimate of approximately 100 fewer pages. I guess that gets fixed once the print versions go out.

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